Why We're Different

Head trainer, Tom Radford has the credentials most dog trainers don't. To begin, he has been a member of the VT Police K-9 Program for almost 20 years. Tom was a long time instructor at the VT Police Academy and has been the Chairman of the VT Police K-9 Committee for the past 9 years.  Tom was the head instructor for the Burlington Police Department until his retirement.  He and his police dog "Stoney" were also inducted into the K-9 Hall of Fame, named Team of the Year three times, and set the record for most drug finds on duty. To say Tom knows dog training is an understatement.  


Tom has transferred his professional knowledge into the private sector.  He will come into your home, where most dog issues start, and will resolve any issues with any breed. If you'd like, you can also come to Tom's training facility in Williston for an in depth training session.  Tom is professional, knowledgeable and passionate.  He will work tirelessly until you are happy and proud of your dog's behavior. Tom utilizes a balanced approach to training dogs that is proven to be successful.

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any pet. My services are designed with you and your pet in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your animal. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction my clients, and their pets, come away with every time - guaranteed.

What many don't realize is that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer and start a business. This can lead to incorrect training methods, a waste of time and money, or potentially harm to your dog or others. Tom has a career of success to draw from to maximize the effectiveness of his sessions with your dog. He has trained countless dogs and trained countless dog trainers. Serving the areas of Essex Junction, Williston, and the Greater Burlington Area, contact us today for a consultation!